sábado, 14 de março de 2009

Technology V

I don't agree with telemedicine because I don't know if the doctor/person is competent enough to access the patient who is not next to him.

Joana Rato
nº8, 10CHLH

Technology IV

I agree with telemedicine because it saves much money and time. Patients don't need to leave home. It is faster and it is more accessible but there are also disadvantages as there ins't any personal touch.
Ana Rita Morgado
nº1, 10ºBCT

Technology III

Technology is very important in the world today. The Human Beings can't live without technology. We use technology every day and technology is present in almost everything: cars, computers, TVs, mobile phones, etc..
A computer is almost used for everything: to write, to play games, to calculate, to surf on the internet and other many things.
Mobile phones are one of the most important inventions in our days. Mobile phones make the comunications between people easier.
Cars are also one of the most important inventions of all time. The car can take you almost everywhere and it is one of the most important mean of transport in the world.
To conclude, in the future, maybe cars will have new functions. Maybe they will fly. Medicine will find new cures to diseases, even the most deadly ones. Will robots be smarter than us? I don't think so. And perhaps there will be life on Mars and it will be possible to live on the Moon.
José Ricardo
nº10, 10ºCHLH

Technology II

The advances in technology are everywhere: the telephones, the transports, TV, computers, science, etc.. Everybody talks about technology advances. They are always appearing in new forms. Technology never stops. For more it improves the faster it does. Soon there will be portable computers instead of home computers, better machines will help in science investigations, transports will be powered by our own body-energy, etc..
Some inventions like TV will be seen in telephones or in portable TVs, or later in 2100 there will be e-TVs (electronic-televisions) and they will have more channels.
Home computers will be only portable, with more memory, more functions, and cheaper. Later than 2040 maybe computers screens will be holograms.
And finally machines will do all the risky jobs and tasks, on space, in the depts of the Earth, ocean, and even on human bodies. Those machines will be smarter than today, but never as smart as humans.
All inall, with problems like global warming, economical crisis and the world´s financial instability, we must invent to resolve these problems and after that the world can move on.
But when those problems will be solved, I hope technology will stop. We don't need to "improve" much more our society because with progress greed, violence and weakness will come. I'm not an oracle, but I've seen the picture: with so much progress the world will be fragile and our society will easily crumble.
Francisco Fevereiro
nº7, 10ºBCT


Nowadays technology is everywhere. We are so dependent on it that sometimes we forget the intelligent people who invented all the amazing objects and things which we use today, for example, the automobiles, the computers, the planes or the internet and also the medicines.
I can't imagine how life would be like if there weren't cars. We are always using the automobiles. When we want to travel on vacations, when we have an emergency and we need to go fast somewhere. I also think that our body is not prepared to live without cars. We don't walk anymore, we don't run anymore. It's easier to use the automobile.
The same happens with the planes. When we want to travel to another continent, for example, it's easier to travel by plane. It's confortable, it's fast, it's secure. We can also use the ship but it's very slow.
The computer and the internet are also very important technologies. Everybody has a computer, everybody nows how to use a computer. The internet is very useful. We can search interesting things, we can learn more about anything, we can play games and listen to music.
Today, Medicine is also very advanced. There are many medicines to destroy the strangest diseases, wich some years ago where deadly.
In my opinion the future won't be happy. Some people say there will be cars flying, there will be hotels on the Moon, but I don't agree. Maybe it can be true but I don't think so. I think the temperature will rise, the oil will run out, there will be more pollution on Earth, the poverty will rise too. I think life in the future will be more difficult.
Cândida Carvalho
nº18, 10ºBCT